Turning a Basement into a State-of-the-Art Home Office

Turning your basement into a state of the art home office can add a lot of space to your house. You can redesign your storm cellar to change it into anything from a room, a nook, family room, and a bar, an amusement space to a workshop, office or study. In any case, appropriate arranging is essential to a storm cellar renovating venture. A couple of things out to be remembered:

1. Budget
You should know if you can even afford a basement remodeling in the first place. Creating a proper budget will help you keep a check and balance on your expenditures once the project begins.

2. Moisture
Being underground, basements are prone to high levels of moisture. If the basement apparently looks dry, it does not necessarily mean that it is moisture free. Moisture can build up with time and cause mildew and mold which can rot the flooring and walls. Therefore, make certain that the basement is moisture-free before remodeling.

3. Plumbing
Basements usually have an extensive net of pipes around them which sometimes develop leaks. These leaks, if unchecked, have a high likelihood of flooding your basement as well as causing moisture. It is vital that you make your basement waterproof. Also, once the basement remodeling is underway making certain that none of the plumbing is damaged. It is important that you set up new basement bathroom/kitchen/water outlet as near to the existing plumbing as possible.

4. Plan Well
Since it is your basement, you should know exactly what you want from space and how you need to utilize. Distinguish between your wants and your needs and plan responsibly.

5. Structural Limitations
Basements have a restricted space, and there is not much room for extensions. Also, your entire house rests on the basement. While remodeling, make certain that none of the supporting walls, structures and beams are disturbed because these can cause severe damage to the entire building if the balance is disturbed.

6. Lighting
Being underground, most basements have no natural light. You can always add vents or windows for letting in natural light if the basement is not entirely underground. Also, artificial light can be used cleverly to illuminate the area without making it too harsh.

7. Cooling and Heating
Most basements do not need a cooling system because the ground keeps them cool. However, make sure that it is so with your basement. Otherwise, install a proper cooling system for summers. Similarly, if the basement gets too cold in winters then consider installing a heating system to make it comfortable during winters.

It is advisable if you consult professionals or work with them during basement remodeling projects.


Signs That Your Computer Needs Computer Repairs

This age also known as the information age is the age of the computer. You will find computers everywhere; in your office, home, school, mall, bank, etc. Just like everything else including our own bodies, computers will break down at some point. Computers that have broken down disrupt the flow of work and ultimately slow down its pace. This is why you need to take your computer for computer repairs once you see any of the following signs.

Computer Does Not Boot
If your computer fails to boot then you will probably get very scared and worried. You will be scared because you know that you cannot access or retrieve the files you have stored within it. However, you need not worry. Some causes of the computer to fail to boot may include something as simple as a faulty power supply, faulty cables, or it may be a much bigger problem that you cannot easily solve by yourself.
If you find your computer failing to boot, this is an adequate sign by itself to take it for computer repairs immediately.

Computer Runs Slow
If you have noticed that your computer has recently started running extremely slow than before then you may need to take it in for repairs. Some of the reasons why your computer may be running slow include viruses, having too many files on your hard disk, having installed a heavy piece of software that gobbles up all the RAM, or your computer needs additional RAM. Other than having too many files, for the rest of these problems you need to take it to a professional repair shop for repairs.

Virus Infections
The most common reason for people taking their computers to the repair shops is usually virus infections. The reason for this is the widespread use of the Internet. Every day, more people visit various websites online and download files. These files are usually responsible for the viruses.
Computer viruses and spyware have been around since the advent of the computer and have continuously damaged and destroyed files, violated people’s privacy, and slowed down people’s computers. If you find that your computer is showing signs of a virus infection then you need to take it to a repair shop immediately.

Computer Makes ‘Unusual’ Sounds
If your computer boots normally but you hear unusual sounds during the process then this is a definite sign that something is very wrong. Almost all unusual sounds in computers are hardware related. Some of the reasons for unusual sounds are faulty RAM chips, faulty hard disks, faulty video graphics adapter cards etc. For all these problems, you must never attempt self-repair but rather you should take your computer for immediate repairs by a professional.

In conclusion, this article has discussed the various signs that alert you when your computer needs repair. While anybody can handle some of these repairs, it is advisable to take your computer to a professional repair shop for repairs. It is the only way to prevent further problems.


5 Simple Steps to Creating a Pinterest Board


Pinterest didn’t start out as a marketing mecca, but it has certainly moved in that direction. As product teams discover that their clients are doing their marketing for them via the internet, the opportunities to leverage Pinterest will grow even greater.

What’s a Pinterest Board?

You can think of a board like a tack board that you might hang up on the wall. It’s a place to put all of your amazing finds, so you can easily track them down again. You can make as many boards as you want – you might have one for fashion, one for movies, and one for travel. You can have boards that are shared and boards that are public. For marketing purposes, you want your patrons to pin your products to their boards.

Why Do I Need A Pinterest Board?

You want your products to be easy for your customers to find and pin. Make a Pinterest board for your company, and make it public by following these easy steps:

  1. When you sign up for Pinterest, make sure you create a business account so you get access to all the best features.
  2. Go to your profile page (by clicking the button with your username in the top right) and click the Create a Board button.
  3. The pop up box that appears asks for a name for the board (use your company’s name, or the name of the product line you’re going to feature on this board). Give your board a description (use your meta keywords) and a category to make it easier to find.
  4. At the bottom there’s an area where you can specify who can create pins. This is a great way to get your co-workers and marketing team involved.
  5. Now that you have your board created, you just have to add some pins! You can do this by going to your board, and clicking Add Pin.

There you have it! Those are the 5 simple steps that are necessary to create your first Pinterest board.


How to Buy Reddit Ads – Start your First Campaign


Reddit has been called the “Front Door to the Internet”, and it’s certainly become a cultural landmark without question.

It may or may not be the right place for your advertising dollars, depending on your industry and target audience, but for the sake of this article, we’ll assume that you’ve vetted Reddit as a platform and now just want a little advice on how to get your ad up on Reddit!

One thing Reddit is very strict about is how the community boards are used.

They are not a forum for advertising, as you’ll frequently see some user or other get banned because they’ve tried to use a forum as a platform for self-promotion. Instead, use the valid and inexpensive Reddit Advertising opportunity to reach an audience in the 18-35 demographic sweet spot.

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Create an Ad” to get started.
  3. Create a Reddit login if you don’t already have one. Try to keep your business and marketing login separate from your personal Reddit account, especially if you post personally on Reddit.
  4. You’re going to have the opportunity to choose a logo or other image that’s about 140×140. The system will shrink it down to viewable 70×70 so make sure you size your image appropriately beforehand.
  5. You’ll want to give your post a hook title. If you’re not sure what your Meta keywords are, stop and think about this first. Then design the title and description.
  6. Enter a URL for the site you’re promoting

And that’s it! Your audience is going to be pretty dedicated and attached, and easy to find. Target the ad to the correct category and key words and you should have a smash hit on your hands!

If you have any issues creating your first ad campaign, make sure to watch this 4 minute video, it’s very simple…


How to Find Link Building Opportunities


You’re probably aware of the changes the Google algorithm has been going through, and you might be thinking about how you can leverage outside links into your website so that the search engines will look favorably upon you.

The only danger with this path: only the best links are going to advance your website or blog in the search rankings.

And the changes that happen periodically in how Google handles search will require you to pay close attention, keep yourself in the loop on the newest challenges and their solutions, and keep your website in the public eye!

Method #1 – Content Curators

Look into content curators. These are people who, professional or amateur, develop the lists you see on the web, like “The Top 100 Movies of All Time”. When you have a movie to offer to add to the list, or your own website has something to do with movies, the content curator will add you to their list with nothing expected in return.

Method #2 – Reverse Engineering

This is the process of carefully reviewing your competition’s website, and determining where their links from others come from. Then submit your own links to those same sites. This will allow you to not only leverage someone else’s research and time, but add to your geometric growth potential.

Method #3 – HARO

This site got a fair bit of publicity a little while back. They’re a site that allows journalists and reporters to put out a call for articles, interviews, videos, etc. The site will be a great launch pad for a full featured public relations strategy.